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Womens Business Grants For Your Business Start Up

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

These are naturally bright and enterprising, business-minded young women, who have had the privilege of a college education, or business degree, and are likely to be at an advantage to navigating their way round the legal mumbo jumbo of the government grant application. But what about some of the simpler gals?

You don not necessarily have to be a social genius or corporate ladder climber to advantage the benefits of women business grants though. Nor do are you required to pursue any business in what is generally considered the “professional” field. Any American taxpaying citizen over the age of eighteen of common intelligence could acquire free government money to open a hot dog stand if they wanted to, particularly, American women.

Each year the government awards thousands of women, who are eligible to qualify, with generous cash funds through small business grants to establish various types of businesses. While many do pursue high finance and professional ventures, a great portion of the female applicants are striving for smaller “mom and pop” types of businesses, and receiving a lot of free government money to do it.

The government is equally as willing to hand over a few thousand dollars for you to start a family restaurant, neighborhood grocery store, day care center, bakery, dance studio, or corner tavern as they are to finance a law firm, medical center, or realty company. Business is business and the United States economy depends on every single business, large or small. Statistics have also proven to Uncle Sam that investing in the ladies is more often than not a sure bet, as we have nearly double the success rate in business than men.

Real Estate Marketing

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Real estate marketing is an ever evolving industry and the latest and greatest addition to the sector is certainly home staging. Statistically, property staging provides incredible and unrivaled dollar for dollar returns on investment, while also facilitating faster and more profitable sales. Real estate staging has become an inherent criterion to successfully marketing high end properties for many years, but is now becoming a necessary for virtually all salable properties the world over.

There are many reasons to include home staging as part of any real estate marketing plan and the benefits of professional staging have been studied exhaustively, providing solid and dependable evidence to support its application for almost any home. First off is the little known fact that home staging costs are tax deductible in the United States. This is a huge benefit, since it makes property staging a no risk investment. All the money you put in will come right back, regardless of the sale results.

The next major boon of property staging is detailed in the sales statistics of staged homes. The average staged home sells for up to 17% more money than a comparable unstaged house. Adding fuel to the fire is the statistic which demonstrates that staged homes sell 2 to 2.5 times faster than comparable unstaged homes. Basically, home staging fulfills it main objective of providing a faster and more profitable sale for a completely tax deductible investment. This is one of the many factors which make staging the very best form of real estate marketing available!

There are other benefits of home staging which also provide property owners with an edge in any type of real estate market. Staging makes incredible sweeping changes to the aesthetics of a home, without requiring expensive renovations or even construction permits. Staging will provide a visual advantage over competitive properties and help the home to stand out in the minds of potential buyers. Any real estate agent will tell you that memorability is crucial for a successful sale, since many buyers will view 5 to 15 properties at a time and might have a difficult time recalling one from the next at the end of the day.

Best of all, property staging works incredibly well with established forms of real estate marketing. In fact, staging helps to improve the performance of print ads, MLS listings, virtual tours and other forms of marketing, since staging alone improves the visual presentation of the property, thereby making all pictorial representations more appealing to potential buyers. Basically, it is wise to stage the home first, before even placing it on the market for sale. This way, all subsequent marketing tactics will reap the benefits of the staged design.

All things considered, there are many, many reasons to stage a home prior to sale. There are really no reasons not to stage. This being said, it will be my pleasure to provide you with all the home staging information you will ever need on my website. Please join me, as the site is completely free and I even offer a complimentary question and answer service to help you make your real estate marketing project a huge success!

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