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Choosing Promotional Calendars

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Promotional calendars are one of the most given out promotional products. It’s not only a simple promotional products but a useful one too. The main problem that rises when choosing the calendar as your promotional item is if you should get standard ones or custom company calendars.

The answer to this problem starts with the allocated budget for the purchasing of the calendars. If you are a starting company with a limited budget you can choose between a lot of promotional calendars that have your logo and your name and info on them, but are not a very good quality or a smaller batch of custom company calendars that are produced according to your exact specifications.

The advantage of the custom calendar is that is can be tailored to suit your needs. It can have a different size than the standard sizes available; it can have the exact shades of colors your company and logo use, or it can have a different shape then the usual vertical or horizontal design. Most of the companies providing promotional items will either work directly with you and make the product according to your specifications or present you their available offer and see if you like what they have. There are also companies that will take your specifications and ideas and will try to create you a product that would fit in your budget.

Getting a customized item is not as difficult as it seems. Any standard item that can be offered in different colors or sizes or with different fonts is a custom item. Of course a custom item can also be an item created from scratch just for your company. Depending on your budget and the customers you already have as well as the prospective customers you can choose quantity against quality at least for item like calendars, matchboxes, pencils or any other items that have a relatively short usefulness time.

One thing to remember is that the bigger the promotional item the more visible your logo, name and other information provided. If you have a bigger budget or plan to give the promotional item just to your best customers, you should consider getting them something useful, that can resist for more than a year and it is customized. An item that has a unique or interesting design, an item that is out of the ordinary is more likely to be kept around just for that reason alone.

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