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Archive for December 20th, 2009

Storage Container For Rent

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Occasionally, a business may have a need for temporary storage; whatever the case may be, a storage container rental company can help. These companies provide a range of services but specialize in providing above-ground, on-site storage containers that allow businesses to store items for an extended amount of time. The containers are available in a number of sizes and are usually loaned out on a weekly or monthly basis.

For those investing in these containers, there are many types on the market. Most are rentals, though there are also options to purchase these types of containers. Renting is the most popular solution, as it provides you with a low-cost way of accommodating your storage needs while still fitting your organization’s budget. Often, companies just need storage at certain times of the year or even just for a few days in order to maintain an inventory or keep items on-hand.

For those who need to use a storage container, finding the right company that offers the best products and service is a high priority. When you need help with extra merchandise and storage needs, you may want to consider the professionals at . No matter what your current storage needs, they will provide a flexible and inexpensive solution that saves you or your company time and money.

With 25 years of professional service history in the mobile storage business. Mobile Storage containers save rent and are guaranteed lowest priced, safe, secure dry storage products for industrial or commercial onsite storage plus FREE delivery, $100 contract discounts. Express Mobile Storage Solutions guarantees to help you reduce costs and improve efficiency via:

* Storage trailer rentals
* Storage trailer sales
* Storage container rentals
* Storage container sales
* Trailers for advertising
* Trailers for city or highway cartage
* On site storage
* Off site storage

Specializing in providing any type of mobile storage solution for mobile storage. They provide commercial storage, residential storage, or self storage.
Servicing all of Ontario! (Northern Ontario, Southern Ontario, Eastern Ontario, Western Ontario, and Central Ontario). Contact them today to find out which affordable storage solution fits your specific problem.

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